A realistic take, on an anime magazine that promotes a carefree lifestyle, individualism, and an independent mindset.

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About this project

ray=out is a magazine from the anime "Eureka Seven." In the anime, the magazine is an illegal publication run by a "terrorist" group called The Gecko State. Because it has been blacklisted by the government, the magazine is hard to come by, and traded by vendors in secret. Although the show never goes into great detail about the contents of the magazine, it does imply what it focuses on in small segments. Based off the television show, I've gathered that the magazine promotes liberal ideology in the form of "think for yourself, don't take what's presented to you as truth," as well as promotes counter-culture lifestyle choices. For example, some members of the Gecko State used to be professional "liftboarders," which is the equivalent of surfing in the sky. As such, liftboarding is frequently shown in the magazine, whether in spreads or as the cover shot.

In order to translate this television magazine into a real world counterpart, I chose to replace lifting with it's predecessor, surfing. Additionally, I decided to focus more on the counter-culture content, rather than the political ideology aspect of the magazine. In my opinion, this allowed greater use of photography that promototed the correct feeling that the magazine should give. That is, the magazine should feel like a young, rebellious, but colorful coffee table read; not a secret black book of government secrets that looks like it was stolen from a Pentagon archive.