SXSW Badgemaker

A content creation station for the Spredfast Social Suite during SXSW 2016.

Digital - iPad

About this project

For South by Southwest 2016, the custom team was tasked with creating a series of visualizations to help increase the amount of traffic through Spredfast's (Space themed) Social Suite. The more people that came through, the more people we could potentially work with.

Our team approached this endeavor from a personal perspective. What am I looking for when I wander through the streets of Austin during SXSW? Free stuff. Free ice cream, free sunglasses, free t-shirts that I'll never wear. Each SXSW, I'm on a mission to find as many free things as I can. With this in mind, the custom team decided we would center our visualizations around this objective.

The concept I came up with to meet this axiom, was a simple interface that allowed the user to create a "badge" that could then be printed out as a sticker. Running off an iPad, a user could customize the shape, color, and graphic content of their badge. Then, once they named their mission, the badge could be shared on Twitter, with the user given the option to tag themselves if desired.