Foot Locker

Rethinking Foot Locker's social strategy for the #Approved Social Hub.


About this project

Historically, Foot Locker has been a subscription-only customer for Spredfast. What this means is that they have access to Spredfast's experiences library, but have not opted for anything beyond such. Primarily used for the #Approved Social Hub, Footlocker had only seen modest success. With their subscription up for renewal, Spredfast asked the custom team to take another look at how Footlocker was currently utilizing their subscription, and make a recommendation.

The goal of the new #Approved 3.0 Hub was to make being "Foot Locker Approved" more than just wearing the products. Being approved wasn't just a pair of shoes, it was living the "Approved Lifestyle."

Previously, the 2.0 Hub used lines to divide and segment the page visualizations, which in turn created a visually disruptive experience that lacked intent. The #Approved 3.0 Hub design featured no borders or divisions, while taking advantage of a contemporary full-width layout in order to display imagery, video, text, and social integrations that demonstrated what it meant to be "Approved."

Additionally, the 2.0 Hub lacked an engaging method for driving new users back to the site. In order to solve for this, I created a custom experience that allowed the user to pick their favorite pair of shoes, create an image asset that featured Foot Locker branding, and share out said asset to their social following. Furthermore, shoe selection would be able to be controlled by Foot Locker, opening up sponsorship opportunites.