Creating a limited social web experience to compliment J.P. Morgan Chase's partnership with the US Open (Tennis) 2016.

Responsive Microsite

About this project

J.P. Morgan Chase approached Spredfast with a curious predicament. In order to amplify their sponsor voice at the 2016 US Open, they expressed interest in creating a social web experience with a special caveat. Due to the legalities of being a financial company, Chase has historically had difficulty in redisplaying user generated content. Given such, I interpretted the task to create a socially engaging website, but allow Chase to steer the direction of any social conversation.

Initially, I attempted to solve for this by removing the actual content of social posts. This meant no photos, nor text posts. Instead, I opted to quantify that information into a data driven perspective. We could show metrics and insights into what people were talking about, and where that conversation was happening.

When these concepts failed to gain traction, I re-evaluated my approach. What my intial concepts lacked was something that drove new users back to the site. The experience lacked something shareable, something to be a part of the conversation, not just view the conversation.

With this in mind, I created an experience that let users share virtual "postcards." Users could select from a variety of US Open backgrounds, as well as seperately select a quote from their favorite US Open tennis player. This would allow Chase to fully control what was being shared, while also adding to the US Open chatter.