A mobile application for League of Legends, designed to consolidate the many fragmented resources available to players, as well as unify their user experience.

Mobile Application

About this project

League of Legends is the most popular online game in the world, with up to 27 million active daily players. Given it's immense popularity, it has generated a myriad of online tools designed to assist players (legally and illegally). These tools can help scout your opponent's in-game rank, tell you who your champion is good or bad against, or even analyze your play patterns and tell you what you excel at, and where you need to improve. The bottom line is, there are a lot of tools, fragmented across different websites, with very few breaking into the mobile realm. That's a problem; a problem I intend to solve with 0/0/30.

With 0/0/30 (pronounced zero, zero, thirty), I wanted to create a lightweight resource that presented players with easily digestable information, as well as consolidated some of the more popular resources. This was a service that could be utilized inbetween games, in the champion select lobby, or while waiting for a game to begin at the loading screen. As such, I wanted this service to be capable of running in tandem with the game; meaning an app took precedent over a website that would require alt-tabbing rapidly.

With these objectives in mind, the resources I prioritized were: a method to check your ping, the ability to scout player rank, the most recent PBE updates (powered by surrender@20), and a database of champion matchups.