Surfacing social highlights, trends, and content, to the most popular game worldwide.

Digital - Broadcast & In-Venue

About this project

Riot Games is a subscription customer with Spredfast, that came to us with the small request to see if we could integrate Weibo (Chinese Facebook) for redisplay on broadcast. This question made it's way to the custom team, where we seized the opportunity to see what other offerings we could make for Riot, to improve their social broadcast capabilities.

Currently, Riot's on-air social offerings seem to be: take a tweet and throw it on screen. I wanted to take that a few steps further. What I presented were a variety of concepts, each designed to allow Riot's on-air personality to find, in real-time, content that is relevant to specific topics. These could be social posts specific to players, champions, teams, or matches.

Additionally, by utilizing Riot's API, we were capable of displaying content that was specific to events within the game.