Blade of the Abyss

The brightest of hearts, hide the darkest of souls. A tale of hardship, humanity, and loss. Sometimes to defeat a demon, you must become one.

Digital Publication

About this project

Yomi: Blade of the Abyss, is a short story designed to tell the origins behind Yomi Oboro, a character I designed and created. The story has been designed for a digital medium on iBooks, but could also be translated to print mediums.

Blade of the Abyss begins with Yomi learning of her brother's death in battle, causing a sequence of events that lead up to her transformation into something less than human. In a deseperate attempt to hold off an encroaching army, Yomi is drafted into a last resort military program that will force her to forsake her humanity, in exchange for power. However, once the war is over, what will become of her? Will she ever be able to return to her life at home?

While creating this book, I wanted the design to reflect the content of the novel. It needed to appear dark, and ominous—foreboding. Like the darkness that bled into Yomi's heart, I wanted the art for the novel to appear like it was leaking onto the page. With the beginning of each chapter, the reader is presented with a page of artwork and a short poem that represents what that chapter will be about.