Beethoven's 5th

A poster series intended to translate the art of auditory media, into the art of physical media, through expressive typography, and metaphor.

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About this project

I created this poster series while taking an introductory typography course at Quinnipiac University. The project assignment was to create a poster that contained a sheet of given information, and to limit the poster's colors to 2 pantones, and any tint of those pantones.

Rather than create a standard hierarchy of information stacked up on top of one another, I decided to take a more expressive approach. Since the title of the event was listed as priority number one, I chose to make it composed of all the other elements that needed to be on the page. By making all the titles and event information voltron into the most important title "Beethoven's 5th" I made all elements of the poster work cohesively into one unified piece. By additionally being limited to a 2 color pallete, I was able to force the 5 to stand out dramatically from the background, really allowing the information to jump off the page.

This poster received the 2nd place overall award from the College of Arts and Sciences during the CAS Prize Competition Spring 2013.