A fictional clothing company with a unique busiess approach. Consumers purchase a product with only a vague idea of what it is they're purchasing, making every transaction a mystery.


About this project

Mystertee Inc. was a fictional clothing company brand I created for the purpose of experimenting with branding, as well as packaging design. The company's premise was such: sell t-shirts in the same format that collectible trading cards are distributed.

With this in mind, my goal was to create a brand that portrayed this idea of mystery and surprise with their products. These ideals needed to be reflected in the logo, patterns, packaging. At the same time, the brand needed to be young enough to look entertaining and fresh, while not being too kiddy so as to avoid being written off as a novelty.

For packaging, the experience needed to be just as important as the function. The packaging needed to totally enclose the product, so as to keep it's contents a surprise. Additionally, I wanted the consumer to feel the joy of the mystery of their purchase while opening, similar to the feeling a kid gets when opening a new pack of trading cards. In order to achieve this, I included a perforated tear-away line at the top of the package. This turned opening the package into a conscious decision to jump into the unknown, like turning the key in a lock.