Yomi Oboro

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. Grow up fast, or not at all.

Character Design

About this project

Yomi Oboro, is a character I designed and created, with intended use across a variety of media, including: animation, video games, manga, television, and film. She is a female ninja from Japan, circa 1910 with some fantasy-element allowances, whom has been forced to mature well beyond her years after her brother falls in battle. An adept of stealth and assassination, I wanted to keep two axioms in mind when creating her: agility, and ferocity. In order to portray the character I envisioned, I wanted to priortize these character traits in both personality, and appearance.

For agility, she needed to appear slinky, light, and nimble when drawn. Her pose charged with energy, her body slender and flexible. Her armor needed to be light weight, but not sacrifice function. She was to be a dark wind, an ominous presence, an unseen threat.

For ferocity, I wanted her to have clear purpose in her appearance. Her eyes needed to glow with hostility, her stance needed to be aggressive. Her long hair held back in a messy bun, maintaining femininty, while staying practical. Her viscious intent visible from the moment she was seen.