Hello There!

I’m Nick Baldoni. I like spicy sea-food ramen, sour skittles, and being creative.
I'm a freelance designer currently available for hire, based in Austin, TX!

Ghost in the shell

I’m fueled by peach tea, sourdough pretzels, and the pursuit of adventure. I enjoy a good game, dancing, and spicy sea-food ramen. I’m rascally and don’t own a suit, but have always wondered how well I clean up. I can recite Futurama by memory and always enjoy my Saturdays. I’m proud of what I do know, intrigued by what I don’t, and aim to change that balance each day.

I create and destroy; build and rebuild. I'm Nick, and I shed and regrow cells daily in Austin, Texas.

Let's Connect!

You can find me through any of the following links! You could also
give me a ring at 210-630-8167.